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It's a Teletubby shoot-'em-up game! Kill all the Teletubbies!

TeleHack was my entry into SpeedHack 2002, Weekend A. In view of the rule that no external data should be used, I decided this would be a good opportunity to show off what DUMB can do. At the time, the only release was DUMB v0.7, and the official line was that DUMB was an IT player with experimental support for S3M. However, in reality it was, and still is, much more than that. DUMB sets up a whole architecture in which sound-generating components called signals can be built upon each other to create a piece of music, or even a sound effect. The architecture has not been documented, and has changed quite considerably from version to version. My aim is for DUMB v1.0 to be the milestone at which the API is finalised and can be documented; then the musicians among you can start having fun!

The original release of TeleHack used DUMB v0.7. It also had a rather nasty bug in it: parts of the ground were missing. There is now a new release; the bug has been fixed, and the code has been updated to work with DUMB v0.9.2 and take advantage of the click removal.

In order to use the Windows version, you must download the Allegro 4.0 DLL (455 kB) if you don't already have it. Save the DLL in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

This game does do some unwise stuff. For instance, it renders every gunshot sound in real time, which uses a lot of processor power. It would have been wiser to render the gunshot to a SAMPLE at the beginning and then play that each time it was required. This is not a fallacy in DUMB; it's just a stupid decision I made for this project.

Download Windows version (92 kB) · Download Unix version (28 kB) · Old versions: Windows (37 kB), DOS (265 kB), Source code (60 kB)