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Sheep 2

Unfortunately, the release of Sheep had some rather unpleasant ramifications. Just weeks after the release, it hit the news: foot and mouth disease was sweeping the United Kingdom. Sheep were suffering; farmers were having to forfeit their herds; the places country walkers could go were cruelly limited. I felt I had to do something to make up for the trouble I had caused, so in this sequel, Sheep 2, your mission is to save as many sheep as you can.

When you start the game, you will find yourself in an expanse of water with a few patches of grass, and perhaps some blocks of bricks and concrete. Up above will be some of those bubble blowers children play with. You will have some time to go around remodelling the level before anything happens.

In due course, the bubble blowers will become active. Unlike the ones you can buy in the shops, these jumbo-sized bubble blowers have an awe-inspiring ability to insert sheep in the bubbles. (Sound familiar?) These bubbles will bounce around the landscape. If they land in the water, they pop and the sheep meet a watery death. Your goal is to engineer the level to the best of your ability so that the sheep land on the grassy patches where they are safe.

Sheep 2 is my entry into the second Ludum Dare 48-Hour Competition. As the competition's name suggests, I wrote this in 48 hours flat. With the exception of some approved libraries (such as Allegro and DUMB), the rules also restricted me to doing everything myself within these 48 hours. I didn't rip any art or code from anywhere, not even my older projects. Not even Sheep!

Well, I didn't write the Chopin Etudes featured in this game. I did perform them myself though! Does that count?

In order to use the Windows version, you must download the Allegro 4.0 DLL (455 kB) if you don't already have it. Save the DLL in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

Download for DOS and Windows (2.0 MB) · Download for Linux and other platforms (1.4 MB) · Ludum Dare Web Site

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