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Set Up Us The Bomb !!!

Set Up Us The Bomb !!! is a multiplayer (on one computer) 3D game where you drive around in little hovercraft and drop bombs everywhere, attempting to blow each other up. It was a team effort between Bob, Bob's friend Dgege, CJ, CJ's friend Alberto, and me, for The Allegro Team Competition. Version 0.4, from the competition, was a mess. This release is Version 0.8, and it's a lot more stable and playable than Version 0.4.


  • Multiple resolutions
  • Multiple languages
  • Plusieurs langues
  • Multiples idiomas
  • Animals from Sheep
  • About ten different power-ups (they appear when you smash into the animals)
  • Persistent blood
  • Rippling water*
  • Particle explosions blended on the inside but sharp on the outside
  • Music played with DUMB
  • Really cheesy sound effects
  • Artificial stupidity (seriously, all they do is ram the walls)
  • Graphics so real they will kill you ...

No networking I'm afraid, but I'll try and implement that one of these days ...

The download contains DOS and Windows executables, and source code. There are makefiles, but if they don't work, just compile and link all the src/*.c files together (don't use src/misc/runner.c). When compiling, specify include and src as directories to search for include files (that's -Iinclude -Isrc on gcc). You need to link with -laldmb -ldumb -lalleg, or -laldmb -ldumb `allegro-config --libs`.

In order to use the Windows version, you must download the Allegro 4.0 DLL (455 kB) if you don't already have it. Save the DLL in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

Download this game (2.4 MB) · Bob's web site · CJ's web site

*I modified the rippling water algorithm slightly. Hugo takes the velocity to be equal to the height of the water two frames earlier. I take it instead to be equal to the difference in height over the last two frames. Hugo's method will generate smooth ripples with a constant wavelength. My method is more sensitive and relies on care being taken when creating disturbances in the water, but it can handle any wavelength.