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OCTI is a strategic board game designed by Don Green. The game is distinctive in that you have to build the pieces up before you can move them, and building them up takes turns. It is specifically designed to give human players an edge over computer players - notice that there is no computer player in my version!

Visit the official OCTI Web Site for more details. The rules are available at this site. Note that my implementation is not, to my knowledge, available through the official site.

This implementation only supports the three-square, two-player game, with no advanced rules. It can be used to play the single-square game, but players then have to know for themselves when they've won ...

OCTI is a registered trademark, and is covered by a US Patent. Don Green and I give permission for this implementation to be distributed freely, but not used for any kind of financial gain without permission from both of us. If you download the source, be sure to read the more detailed terms in readme.txt.

If you are interested in writing a computer player for this game, download the source, linked below. The archive includes a readme.txt file (sorry, Unix format, but Wordpad should cope) with further information.

The Windows version requires all3932.dll, which I cannot easily provide. I shall upload a more up-to-date Windows version at some point in the future. In the meantime, use the DOS version or compile from source.

Download Windows version (85 kB) · Download DOS version (231 kB) · Download source code (25 kB) · OCTI Web Site