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Ibiza Insurgency

This game was my entry into the IdeaHack Competition.

Subsequent to the Microsoft Nuclear Power Plant Catastrophe of 2014, Ibiza is overrun by super-intelligent mutant squirrels. You, a lowly maintenance worker, have been trapped in the air ventilation system of a small night-club for several days. You are desperately hungry. You have with you a device known as the 'Relatively Harmless Rubber Ball Launcher', with which you are to kill the squirrels, before eating them and proceeding to the next club. But watch out! If you wait too long, the dogs, who serve as bouncers, will come in and get you ...

Confused? Good. Read the in-game introduction. The keys you need are the arrow keys, Space and Enter (and Esc to pause or exit).

Worried about me for having conceived such an idea? Well you'll be glad to hear this wasn't my idea. It was the product of the ideas of most of the entrants to IdeaHack. So this proves that half the Allegro community has gone mad. Yay.


  • 320x200 8-bit graphics (pixel art is easier in low resolutions!)
  • Parallax scrolling on the air vent maps
  • Night-club lighting inside the clubs
  • Crazy ping-pong ball engine - gotta see it to believe it!
  • Two cut-scenes, featuring Mario, Luigi and a spoof of The Matrix
  • Cheat codes
  • A guest star from!

Hint: if you think you're old enough, check readme.txt for the cheat code that enables the swear-words, and use it before you start playing!

This game is provided in source form only, for now. Don't bother downloading it unless you know how to compile it. You will need Allegro.

Microsoft Visual C++ users: you will need to modify the source code slightly. It will give you two errors. One of them will relate to the keyword inline; simply remove this keyword. The other one relates to a label directly followed by a closing brace; fix this by adding a semicolon after the colon.

When you run the game, please note that the strobe lighting warning is serious. I have known at least two people dismiss it as a joke and then be startled by the effect. I cannot be held liable for any effects this game has on you, whether or not you saw this disclaimer or read the warning.

Download this game (321 kB) · IdeaHack Competition