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High Glider

High Glider is my entry to SpeedHack 2004, a competition that allocates 72 hours in which its entrants must write games conforming to the rules. In a nutshell, this year's SpeedHack stipulated that the game should remove stress, contain cumulative power-ups and power-downs (I call them power-verticals), and be playable in at least two countries.

In High Glider, you board a hang-glider and race your opponents, collecting jetpacks and magnets if you feel they will help you. The colourful graphics and mesmerising background will make you wonder if your SpeedHack weekend provisions were spiked with more than just caffeine; combine that with the music and you have complete and utter stress removal. That is until someone rams you from behind.

As if the game did not deracinate its players enough, you can select Japanese in order to complete the effect.

If you are using Windows, first download the Allegro 4.0 DLL (455 kB) if you don't already have it. Save the DLL in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. Then download the source code and data and unzip it. Finally, download the Windows executable, save it in the hglider directory with the other files, and run it.

Source code and data (87 kB) · Windows executable (439 kB) · SpeedHack 2004 Web Site