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Balls is a puzzle game. Place a few tiles judiciously in the level, and then activate the level and watch the balls find their way into the holes - or not. There aren't many levels, but this game is worth the download if only for the music and sound effects.

Balls is my entry into the third Ludum Dare 48-Hour Competition. As the competition's name suggests, I wrote this in 48 hours flat. With the exception of some approved libraries (such as Allegro and DUMB), the rules also restricted me to doing everything myself within these 48 hours. I didn't rip any art or code from anywhere, not even my older projects. I ripped some samples from other module files for the music - then I found out that this wasn't acceptable, so I redid all the samples myself. I was allowed to sample the MIDI on my computer, thank goodness!

If you like the music in this game, please download the separate version from this site rather than ripping it from the datafile provided with the game. The version in the datafile has some instruments set to use MIDI where available. DUMB will never do this, but Impulse Tracker will, as I found out after the competition when it was too late. Oops.

As stated in the song message, the music will play wrong with Winamp's default plug-in and with ModPlug Player/Tracker. Use Impulse Tracker (DOS program) or DUMB (portable, Winamp 2.x and XMMS plug-ins available) to play it.

Download DOS and Windows version (1.5 MB) · Download Unix version (1.0 MB) · Download music (521 kB)