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About Me

Well, you're a moderately tall 11-year-old girl with blond hair living with your dad in Portugal. You love the seaside, and when you grow up you want to be a doctor, and ...

Oh, you wanted to hear about me? Well, here goes ...

Most readers of this site will know me from I have been developing games (and DUMB) using Allegro since August 1999. You can find my games (and DUMB) on, where people have rated them and left their comments. And as a member of the Allegro community, I post semi-regularly on the forums at, helping people with programming problems and participating in the general silliness that goes on there. For example ...'s most prolific forum poster is named Chris Barry. Yellow rubber duckies on parade (bearded) He has a goatee, which was mirrored in all of his forum avatars from March 2002 until March 2003. (An avatar in this context is the image displayed to the left of each of one's posts.) Steve Terry, another regular, also put a goatee on his avatar. Spotting a pattern, I adopted the name "Bruce Perry", and uploaded a most annoying animated avatar (courtesy of Inphernic) with beard added. Shortly afterwards, cheap imitations such as "Perty Faery", "Toast Scary" and "Harry Carey" attempted to follow in my footsteps. Sorry Sven, but I think you're missing some English humour here! The name stuck, so here I am.

Another name I use is "entheh". This is a non-word coined by a guy called Martyn. The same guy once took a faulty modem out of my brother's computer and stamped on it, precluding any possibility of our getting a replacement or a refund. He says he'll steal my nickname one day, but he never has done. Refer to the following dictionary scan for the pronunciation, usage and variants of the word "entheh":

entheh interj. 1 a greeting. 2 an expression of recognition of another's stupidity or foolishness. enthetheh var. of |entheh.

There, now that the introductions are out of the way, let me tell you more about myself. My real name is Ben Davis. I am 36 years old. As of August 2004 I am working as a Mini-Games Developer for a very nice company in Cambridge. I graduated from Cambridge University, UK in Computer Science in June 2004. My first year there was only half Computer Science; the remainder was Maths and a Natural Sciences subject of our choice. Wanting to broaden my horizons, I turned down the familiar Physics option and plumped for Geology instead. It was a thoroughly enjoyable year. The nice thing about subjects like Geology is you get to go on field trips; the week-long trip to Arran, a small island off the West Coast of Scotland, was great fun.

I play the piano and compose music. In the past, my ambitions were very much on the musical side. I wanted very badly to go to a music school, and I considered programming to be nothing more than a hobby. This perspective was probably due to parental influence; my parents both played in the BBC Concert Orchestra, and all parents will tell you it is unhealthy to spend so much time at a computer. Usually they get the reason wrong though; computers can do a lot more harm to your social life than to your eyes!

We tried several music schools. The first one gave me a trial which was enough to put me off, and the others rejected me. Finally we had to agree to try one more before giving up. It came as only a mild disappointment when they rejected me, since they recommended another school that was not just a music school - one where academic studies received emphasis too and non-musicians were admitted as well as musicians. This school accepted me as an Academic Student with Special Provision for Music (or something like that), and, several blessings in disguise after my first application to a music school, it suited me down to the ground. In addition to receiving piano and composition lessons (and harp for a brief period but the blisters put me off), I studied Technology GCSE (exam at age 16) and French A-level (age 18). My only regret is leaving Art behind; the Art Department at my previous school was brilliant, but the new one just didn't inspire me.

In February 2003, I had the marvellous opportunity to watch some Japanese anime. I have been hooked since. By the summer, anime had inspired me to such an extent that I bought myself a copy of Japanese for Busy People, Volume I. In November I applied to the JET Programme in the hope of going to Japan to teach English. One surprisingly politically correct rejection later, I am as keen as ever to study Japanese and get to Japan. A year after starting, I have 'finished' the third Japanese for Busy People book (I skipped the self-tests), and I meet the University's Anglo-Japanese Society every week hoping not to annoy people too much.

In early January 2004 I went skiing in Val Thorens in the French Alps with a group of students from my university. It was excellent fun, and I am proud to say I could do Plein Sud, a blue run, using only parallel turns by the end of it. That is not to say I didn't come to grief several times! I fully intend to go skiing again, perhaps in Japan ...

Sukii ga suki desu yo! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

My plans for the long-term future are about as crystallised as a fresh igneous intrusion. Game development is likely to play a large part, though I would also like to try teaching one day. I would like to visit Japan and other places around the world and discover their cultures (cheese alert). Finally I hope to try out some other exciting sports, like hang-gliding, parachuting and water sports.

Still reading? Anyway, I have an e-mail address, but the instance on the web site was served up in a dish of duck and monkey sandwich with chips and peas garnished with broccoli and a side-dish of lettuce and minced tomato and spam. Thus you will have to download one of my recent projects in order to get it (I suggest Balls).