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Rock 'n' Spin

Rock 'n' Spin is a game in the same style as Repton 3 or Boulderdash. You guide an Emu around in a tile-based map, collecting all the diamonds and avoiding falling rocks and rampant spinners. Features include:

  • Animated rendered graphics (mostly)
  • Eight different graphical themes
  • 30 levels - three in each theme, plus six multicoloured
  • Nice sound effects
  • Eleven pieces of music, all of them cheesy!
  • When you die, the game will replay your moves until you take over - so you don't have to do the entire level again
  • Table of who completed each level fastest, plus a replay of how it was done
  • Demonstrative instructions (not just pages of text)
  • Two resolutions - 320x240 and 640x480

There is also a level editor, which you can download separately.

Like Line Wars, Rock 'n' Spin was developed for Emu. However, it came late in the day, and we only had an unfinished demo to show off. Nevertheless, one person ordered a copy. Had it not been for this, I might not have found the motivation to finish the game off - but I had a buyer who had already paid and who was now waiting for the finished game, so I kept at it until it was finished. I then uploaded the demo for people to try, but not one of the millions who must have seen the site (right?) decided to buy it ...

So, like Line Wars, Rock 'n' Spin is now free. The download is preregistered, but by crippling the register.ini file you can transform it into a demo! If you would like a registration code personal to you, please contact me and I shall be happy to oblige.

I wrote Rock 'n' Spin before I understood what it meant to write portable code, so I'm afraid it's only officially available for DOS. There is an unofficial Windows port (3.1 MB), but it doesn't perform very well and I cannot support it. There is no port of the editor. I may in the future try to clean it up and port the editor, but don't hold your breath.

Download this game (3.5 MB) · Download the editor (419 kB) · Review by Master Goodbytes