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Line Wars

Line Wars is a classic game where each player controls a line that just keeps on growing. Features include:

  • Up to 8 players
  • Artificial insipience
  • Hand-drawn obstacles
  • Acceleration
  • Explosions
  • Sparks
  • Still or Scrolling Screen Modes
  • Nice firework-style sound effects
  • Cheesy music!
  • Complete instructions
  • Everything is customisable

The sparks are the most significant addition to the original idea. When someone crashes, the lines are set on fire, burning like sparklers. Sparks are dangerous, but can also get you out if you're trapped!

Way back when, this game was written as a product for the Young Enterprise scheme I took part in at school. The scheme arranged for students to form pretend companies and sell products for a year; value-added tax was simulated, but in reality the money went to charity. Our company was named Emu. I was the only coder in the company, save someone who had dabbled in QB a bit, so I did all the programming. However, I wanted to involve everyone, so I got as many people as I could to draw little pictures of random objects, and I made them into obstacles.

Of course, Emu no longer exists, and the game has been Freeware for a long time now. I wrote it long before I understood what it meant to write portable code, so I'm afraid it's only available for DOS. I may in the future port it to other platforms, but don't hold your breath.

Download this game (2.5 MB) · Review by Master Goodbytes